Who Is The DJ?

Your Classical Music DJ is Howard Mednick. He has been an avid listener of classical and orchestral music for many years and has studied and read up on a lot of the interesting details behind it.  His objective is to give you a taste of this great music and perhaps learn a little bit about it.  Even if you are unfamiliar with this music, you will find it enjoyable.  It will be a fun session for everyone. 

Why Is This Concept Important?

There are three essential elements to the concept of music: the composer, the interpreter and the listener. Music begins with the creative genius of the composer. It then requires the musicians and the conductor to interpret the composer’s instructions in a performance for the audience to hear and enjoy. The Classical Music DJ bring these two elements together for you, the listener. Each session will include several examples of the theme of the presentation. Your responsibility will be to sit back, relax and enjoy! 

How Did It Start?


The Classical Music DJ program started at the Baycrest Apotex which is a long term care facility in Toronto. Howard’s wife became a resident there and he saw that the music activities were the most effective programs for residents who had various types of physical or cognitive disabilities. Music is a physically passive activity but it still is stimulating and enjoyable for all listeners. Having worked as a computer systems consultant for many years, Howard then decided that he would put his computer knowledge and classical music together to provide listeners with an interesting audio and visual program of great music.

Who Would Be Interested?


This program is ideal for various types of social groups in the Greater Toronto Area:

· Retirement homes

· Libraries

· Community centres

· Social service groups

· Church or synagogue groups

· Condominium social groups