Musical Performance

What’s Included In A Presentation?

Each presentation is an hour to an hour and a half in length.  It includes a series of YouTube clips of music related to the theme of the presentation.  For each clip there will be some discussion of the music itself, the composer, the performer or other interesting aspects as related to the theme.  The YouTube videos provide both an audio and visual presentation of the music. Using internet and modern computer technology it is possible to gain access to the best orchestras and performers, in the best concert halls and venues all over the world.  There will also be time for discussion from the audience.  An engaged, lively audience enhances the music!

What Facilities Are Needed?

The room for the presentation should include the following:

  • A good computer is needed although if a suitable computer is not available one can be provided
  • A connection to the internet, may be required for some programs, depending on the videos needed for a particular program.  Otherwise the internet connection is not mandatory.
  • The computer itself should have good quality speakers or have a facility to plug in to a good sound system.  External speakers can be provided if necessary.
  • The computer should also plug into a large screen or high definition TV for display of the visual component so that all audience members can see easily.  A video projector can be provided if necessary.
  • Ideally the room should have a facility to dim the lights to make the visual component stand out and provide a more relaxed atmosphere.