What Are The Listener Benefits?

When it comes to classical or orchestral music there are two types of listeners. Those who know something about it and appreciate it, will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy performances from the best in the world in a way that is only possible now using the latest technology. Those who do not know anything about it or, perhaps even dislike it, will find that it is not as bad as they had thought and they might even like it. There is always a first time.

Where Do The Proceeds Go?

Much of the revenue earned by the Classical Music DJ will be donated to the Fern Mednick Fund For The Creative Arts at the Baycrest Foundation. This fund was started by Howard's family in July 2017 as the "Swim For Bubbie" campaign to support the creative arts activities in which Howard Mednick’s wife, Fern, and many other residents at the Baycrest Apotex participate daily.  Click on the link below to find out more.

Fern Mednick Fund For the creative Arts