James Rhodes

Ludvig van Beethoven: Piano Sonata 21 (Waldstein), Movement 3

The monumental finale to Beethoven's Waldstein sonata - composed just after taking delivery of a shiny new, improved piano.  Like a kid at Christmas he went to town, taking advantage of the bigger sound, broader range, new pedal.  

A Classial Music Hero


Who is James Rhodes?

  • Pianist who overcame serious health issues through classical music
  • Recording artist

What does he do?

  • Classical music concerts
  • Promotes the benefits of music in general for everyone of all ages

How does he do it?

  • Dresses in casual attire for concerts
  • Talks to audience about the music and the composer he is about to play

Why is he important?

  • Tries to break down the barriers to classical and orchestral music
  • Makes history and music come alive 
  • Like the Classical Music DJ he makes this fun for everyone